Fresh Sounds From nuSpin!

Last week I put out an update for the nuSpin VST instrument beta testers that included the addition of a second per-note filter among other goodies.  The next day, I had an email waiting in my box with a great audio clip attached that highlights what is now possible. Everything but the drums is nuSpin:

If you listen closely to the bass line, you can hear the two-filter setup operating on what sounds like a sawtooth wave.  It is great to see people apply their creativity using the tools I have constructed; this is exactly why I chose to get into the business of writing audio software, and I hope to hear a lot more as the nuSpin virtual instrument finds its way into the hands of more sound designers in the near future.

I have been sensing that the synth is getting close to ready because I have been finding it more difficult to resist playing with it myself.  As I was testing the two-filter design a couple weeks ago, I discovered one of the tricks I have heard in a lot of dubstep music played on  By using a sawtooth wave and modulating the frequency of two parallel band-shelf filters in opposite directions, you can get something that sounds like a robot saying “yoy”. That discovery probably cost me an hour of development time! 🙂

Step by step, I am getting closer to living up to the motto of nuVibrations LLC: Software Helping Artists Stay Fresh.

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