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I started nuVibrations in November of 2010.  Since that time I have been hard at work developing my VST instrument plug-in.  It is getting quite powerful now since I added an array of filters and effects to help shape the sounds.  But every once in a while I have a day where I find I am questioning my decision to invest so much of my time and money into my soft synth.

I have come to realize that these periods of doubt are generally good for me.  They make me step back and re-evaluate my decisions.  Usually I come to the conclusion that I am on the right path.  Once in a while my doubt days motivate me to come up with a slight change in plan that improves my prospects for success.  Today, I am motivated to write a blog exploring the role doubt plays in creating successful outcomes.

What I have noticed about successful people is that most have mastered the ability to engage in seemingly contradictory behaviors.  The behavior they exhibit at any given time is based on the situation rather than on habit. In the case of my doubts, its opposite is my sense of certainty.  When is certainty appropriate, and when are doubts called for?  It depends on the goal.

Certainty is great for creating momentum.  The more certain I am, the faster I can proceed with a project because I can focus entirely on getting the job done rather than questioning if the job is worth doing.  This suggests that the optimal time to engage in doubt is at the beginning of a development cycle and when something significant to the original decision changes.  And when have I had enough doubt?  The time for doubt is over when I have come up with a plan of action that has a well-defined purpose and enough specificity to bring me to the desired results.

My doubt days usually start with a piece of information coming to my attention that I had not been aware of previously.   Since that is one of my criteria for engaging in doubt, I seem to be on the right track.  But just to be safe, then next time I am feeling a sense of doubt, the first thing I plan to ask myself is:  Has something significant to my original decision changed?  If so, I will spend a little time evaluating the situation.  If not, I am going to switch back to confidence mode.

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