Audio Unit Support in nuSpin Free Player v2.0.2!

The last of the kinks have been worked out, and nuSpin now works as an Audio Unit! There are also some general improvements for AU and VST3 versions. If you have not used nuSpin before, perhaps a brief description is in order…

The Euro Lead program included in nuSpin v2.0.2, running as an Audio Unit in Reaper

What is it?

nuSpin is a software synthesizer that can create evolving sound textures using a unique image-to-sound conversion process. The free player ships with 69 programs ready to run. The free player layout features a compact design with 4 controllers tuned for live performance applications. nuSpin for Mac can play content created in the full version (Windows) or content purchased from the nuVibrations online store.

If you would like to be notified when there is a full Mac version, subscribe to my e-mail list here. Click this link to download the free player now.

What has been improved?

Audio Unit support means you can now use nuSpin in GarageBand and other Apple software that does not support VSTs. A lot of under-the-hood cleanup has resulted in a much more robust instrument with improved performance.

What did it take to get here?

Since the initial release of the VST3 version of nuSpin in November, we have updated the settings storage to better follow standards for Audio Units. I made some improvements to the recover password functionality. I also cleaned up some hidden threading issues, and generally ran nuSpin though Apple’s suite of app sanitizers and checkers.

What’s next?

The next step in nuSpin’s evolution is to bring the full editing capabilities onto the Mac platform. This work will primarily involve modernizing some of the custom VST controls I created for version 1.0 on Windows. I will also be spending some time freshening up the image loading and processing functionality that is nuSpin’s secret sauce.

The new Mac version will be a free update for existing Windows users. If you own the full version for Windows, all the built-in content is immediately available on the Mac version. Again, please subscribe to the nuSpin e-mail list for future updates.

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