Multi-Threaded Rendering Now Included in nuSpin’s Latest VST Instrument Plug-in Release!

We are excited about our Latest VST Instrument Plug-in Release

I am proud to announce the latest release of nuSpin, which features multi-threaded rendering. Most modern PCs have at least 4 cores, and now nuSpin will use every one of them to give you the best playback experience possible.

It’s Finally Here!

After a solid round of development, testing and bug fixing, I am proud to announce out latest VST instrument plug-in release of nuSpin. Multi-threaded rendering is the most prominent addition.  Most modern PCs have at least 4 core. Now nuSpin will use every one of them to give you the best playback experience possible.

What It Means For You

With the latest version of nuSpin, you can now play more notes at lower latencies and create more complex sound textures usable in a performance.  Generally, sounds that employ a high number of modulation sources and destinations are going to be more CPU intensive.  With the latest improvements, nuSpin will split up the work required to play a chord between each core on your system.  The goal is to give you the ability to play dense chords with the most intensive modulation at your audio device’s lowest latency setting.  At this point, you might be asking how to get the latest version…

How To Get the Latest VST Instrument Plug-in Release

nuSpin is available now at the nuVibrations website.  The basic player allows you to use sounds in performance mode and try out some of the sound design tools.  The full mode lets you create and save your own sound designs.  And we also have an add on sound library for sale that can be used with either the basic or full product,  If you already have the full version, this upgrade will be free of charge.  Since upgrades are free, you might be wondering what the directions of the product is.

What’s Next?

The next leg of the journey starts with a upgrade to the latest VSTi SDK.  After that, nuSpin is headed onto Mac OS X.  In between there will probably be additions like more processing modules and workflow improvements.  Stay tuned!  And while you are waiting for that…

Please Share Your Experience!

Please share your thoughts about nuSpin online! Try one of the social media sites at the bottom of this page, or post your comments on a VST community website like KVR Audio.

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