Software Contracting at nuVibrations LLC?

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Software Contracting?

Yes, it is true. In addition to working on nuSpin, I have been taking on a number of software contracting jobs as they come along. I enjoy taking on new tasks and seeing projects through to completion.  It is a great way to pick up on the latest improvements in software development and make new connections.  Every once in a while I discover a new part of software development that I enjoy.

Here are a few recent jobs I worked on:

Online Video Editing Software

I helped VidMaker with their back-end audio rendering pipeline on a Linux server. This included creating an effect routing mechanism, implementing audio filtering and creating a smart limiter.  I also got to learn to use the Eclipse editor, got experience with QT, Node.js, and QMake.

Various WordPress Websites

I have helped a few organizations update their WordPress websites with content migration, layout, organization, and writing custom theme templates in PHP. This blog is a WordPress blog and yes, I have tweaked the theme from time to time.  I learned to use the Sublime text editor on these projects, as Visual Studio tends to get in the way.

Audio Signal Processing

I helped one startup understand the nature of filtering and signal detection for a product they are working on that needs to detect certain sounds. I came up with an algorithm and got them started implementing it in Java.

I have really enjoyed these jobs and look forward to taking them on! If your company is looking for a contractor with my skills, please contact

A quick list of my software contracting skills

  • Real time Digital Audio playback (JACK, PortAudio, WaveAudio, WebRTC)
  • Digital Signal processing.
  • C++11, C#, PHP, JavaScript
  • Boost, STL
  • Windows, Linux , Mac OsX
  • Visual Studio, Eclipse, Sublime, VI
  • Drupal, WordPress
  • eCommerce (UberCart/Paypal)
  • Apache
  • Python
  • BASH

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