Free Drum Sample Update Coming!

I have been putting the finishing touches on the sample-playback functionality of nuSpin this week, getting ready to add media from a mid-March recording session at Clutch Sound Studios here in Madison Wisconsin.  Clutch Sound Studio’s Rooms were designed by Russ Berger (A nationally recognized acoustics and studio space designer), and the Live Room gave the recorded samples a full but not-overpowering reverb.  The final sample set will include a separate mix for the overheads, allowing for fine tuning of the kit sound.

Clutch Sound is run by Brian Liston, who is a keyboard player and soft-synth enthusiast himself.  Brian knew just how to structure and direct the recording in preparation for our sample library.  Meghan Rose was the Recording Engineer and sound editor. Ross Backenkeller was the drummer for the session and helped with setup and tear down.

Most of the time for the session was spent setting up the kit, which began about 9:30am.  We took a break for Lunch, and by about 2:00pm we were ready to record.  The highlight of the session was the recording of the hand percussion, including a vibraslap and a full set of chimes.  Recording was finished by 3:30pm, after which we reviewed the recordings in the control room.

Integrating sample playback into nuSpin has been a blast for me.  I am really enjoying exploring how I can take the great samples from the Clutch Session and crank out a whole range of drum tones, ranging from phasing/flanging to ring modulated kits.  The soft clipping curve in the distortion module gives the drum sounds a classic tape compression feel.  I can’t wait to hear what nuSpin users can do with this free drum sample library!

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