Metrik, It Goes On And On, Until the Break of Dawn.

Metrik05nuVibrations Select Electronica, nuVibrations 24/7 online radio broadcast is going all Metrik all weekend long.  Are we crazy at nuVibrations? well, yes, but that is beside the point! Metrik is an up an coming Drum and Bass Artist that just released his debut album Universal Language.

What I love about Metrik is his lush textures.  They remind me a lot of BT, but with a Drum and Bass feel to them.  I have been hearing tracks from Metrik since I started listening to the (now defunct) station in 2010, though he never quite registered for me until the last few weeks. Being somewhat new to the breadth of electronic Music at the time, I was a bit overwhelmed.  But not anymore!

So please, check out our broadcast and maybe you will become as much a fan of Metrik as I am!  We will be playing a range of Metrik’s work, with the entire Universal Language played in its entirety for your listening pleasure.

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