Lessons Learned

I have been mixing the sound during the 11am service at my Church for a few months now.  At first, I had some big plans for improving the sound and was going to fix everything in a few weeks.  Since then, I have realized that there are a lot more variables at play every week that I cannot control than I originally thought.  But things are looking up – the church is looking into buying some more monitors to improve the sound.

The biggest problem is that the mix for the first few rows is never quite right.  We’ve got some band members who are self-amplified, and some who are not.  This creates an imbalance in the mix for the first few rows where the signal from the main speakers does not reach.  With a couple of planned monitors aimed at the pews, I will be able to fill in the sound for the rest of the band and fix this problem.  We are also looking into getting two more monitors for band members on stage to fill in some sonic holes.

Adding these monitors will also allow me to put each instrument on a separate channel.  Right now, we have a sub-mix going to an on-stage amplifier for three of the instruments.  Getting rid of this sub mix gives me more ability to control the sound to optimize the mix during the service.  Separating the instruments also gives me the ability to more effectively re-mix the recorded audio for podcasts.

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