Calling All PC VST Instrument Users!

Last week I was able to deliver an early alpha release of my VST Instrument to our lucky beta testers! I had a lot of fun creating the demo sound programs for the alpha release, and I think they may actually be useful too! I have decided to offer our testers a free version of the product s they are testing and a credit for some sound library add-ons as an incentive to help us design and test our virtual instrument.

I have to keep the specifics a secret, but in general, the product I am working on will provide a new way for sound designers to create sounds. I have found the current version is capable of creating some very rhythmically and harmonically compelling sounds that you cannot get with existing technologies. I have been listening to a lot of Dubstep and Drum and Bass recently, and I keep thinking how useful this new tool will be for creating a whole new category of wobble-bass sounds.

But that is certainly not the only type of sound I have been able to create. Many of the more static sounds I have created fit like a glove when mixed over a hip-hop drum loop. With hip-hop being such a large part of the music market today, I will be spending a lot of time making sure the instrument can deliver a range of fresh sounds to beat producers.

Screenshot of latest GUI work

If you are interested in signing up to test our product, and get a free copy with some sound library add-ons, please head over to the beta tester page!

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