Tracking Rock-It

This afternoon I am working on Rock-It.  Here’s a rundown of events since the last update:

  • I have fixed the bugs in the player code, and songs now play properly.  Part of this work included adding some debugging functionality that is activated by sending serial data to the Arduino that is running the software.  With these serial commands I can enable various levels of debugging and set an input control to a specified value.
  • We have hooked back up with the Madison Children’s Museum staff and have got the lever design all ready for cutting.  The goal is to get the project in the Museum in time for the kick-off of summer vacation, and have everything ready to assemble for playability testing by the end of April.

So what is next on my plate?  Core functionality is just about complete, which means it is time to work on the flow of the exhibit.  For starters, I need to set up the song-arc that is triggered by a control being activated.  Over the span of about 3 minutes, the song starts in an intro mode (perhaps with a countdown sequence), and progresses to build in intensity until it peaks at about 2:30, then begins to wind down, culminating in a “splash down” sequence to give kids (and their parents) a cue that it is time to give the people next in line a turn. 

My goals for today are to refactor the start-up logic to be triggered by a change in any control state, and then start working on the song-arc.  I will post an update on how much progress I make today.

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