Happy Nu Year!

Lots has happened since my last post, but I suppose that is bound to happen when I wait so long between posts. This post is a quick rundown of recent developments.

Happy Nu Year!

Lots has happened since my last post, but I suppose that is bound to happen when I wait so long between posts.   Here is a quick rundown:

  • The VSTI is coming along.  I reviewed the signal topology and realized there was a much better way to create a really flexible routing scheme.  I’m going to keep it somewhat secret for now, but let’s just say it is similar to the signal matrix found in modern synthesizers.  The other secret I have is how I am generating basic waveforms, but I can say that I am finding it difficult to resist playing with my waveform generator…
  • I have been polishing my development plan.  Originally I was going to wait and throw everything over the fence at one time, but I realized that would prevent the input from musicians from shaping development until it was way too late to make a difference.  So you can expect to see a staged release:  First, there will be a basic tone module (Windows Only) with some preset programs to choose from and a few tweakable parameters.  There will be a number of updates to this tone module for a while to address problems and to incorporate new functionality.  When the tone module is looking good, I will start working on the sound design module.  And there’s something else…
  • I will be producing an iPhone app that will be a kind of scratch pad for designing sounds for the VSTI.  The latest iPhones are uniquely equipped for this task as will become obvious when I am ready to divulge the tone generating algorithm.
  • On the online front the nuvibrations.com website is beginning to take shape.  I chose Drupal as my content management system.  I also switched the blog over to WordPress.  I created a YouTube channel and am planning to post some 30-second clips to help promote myself.  I have been building up a set of followers on my Twitter account.  I have been tweaking the nuVibrations Facebook Page.
  • My wife and Partner in nuVibrations LLC is ramping up to take on the early marketing efforts.  There are a lot of VSTI packages out there, and even with the secret sauce I plan to add, we need to start building interest in the company and the products right now.
  • I set up an internal wiki to keep track of and share important information about the company.  My wife calls it the “electronic filing cabinet”.
  • The administrative tasks have subsided for now.  The web hosting is set up, the finances are secured,  our health insurance is taken care of.  I have decided to dedicate the first 8 hours of the day to development, and the remainder of my time to marketing and whatever housekeeping is required.

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